Friday, 29 March 2013

3. Change - Psychology of

MIND engages in time structuring and likes to collect GOOD stamps - praise

INVERSE corollary being that no mind can usefully accept any education contrary to social structuring of brain and force of soul on the thought patterns - this is the main hurdle in Change AFTER the artificial hurdle of Slinking Prompter evil spirits entering the human minds to mislead them

By and large the second hurdle - which was clearly identified in last verse of Quran - has been solved by Lord Kalki System YET the first hurdle remains

AGAINST these Bible has 3 rules
  1. Old cloths would not be patched by new - thus for new age Yoga the persons with old yoga practice are not fit
  2. New wine will be filled in new bottles - thus old generation is not as suitable for new age Yoga as the Young One
  3. THE THIRD rule is very important - if new wine raw material is filled in old wine skins they may burst, that is new thought patterns of new age Yoga can not be accommodated in old patterned NEURON array of brain

  • In my case this was done but that is Exception and only I know what it takes 
Therefore the only right way for new age Yoga is to come by FAITH and not by debates...the very root of debate and doubt is same and is opposite to faith

Easy statement BUT if the concerned persons do not come in faith - are you Lis Te Ning Sonia Gandhi Rahul Mulayam Singh Karunanidhi Atal Advani ( No Sir G we are Silly Ping !)- the plan of God is to use the cell array of body organs for starting evolution of life on new planets and 10,000 fold Cosmic expansion of future as told in Urantia Book...these organs will be used stepping stone of evolution and never reach human form - hence this is called eternal hell THOUGH Jews and Jug Suraiya of India would endlessly debate that there is no such thing as eternal hell - but I suppose doubt and debates in themselves are a form of eternal hell WHEN wisdom of Absolute Deity is open to guide the mankind on the Way...and men are debating as to whose god is more balle balle

Rahul Gandhi
Sir G mere pas pajama hai
Sir G
Then why jump out of it and gather a mazma?
Jug Suraiya
Instead of gathering a small mazma he must make a film
Amjad Khan
O Juggo ! kitne pajama the?

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