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2. Change India NOW

Rev Book Thyatira Church EXPLAINED
Amazing Truths - Circulate ww 

Thyatira = d' India News
Thyatira = The a-z (I + J + Ca)s
  • I = Intellectuals*
  • J = Judges, Jurists, Journalists
  • Ca = Camels - the rich men of Bible and Quran prophecies
  • DO NOTE that there is a Classification, One is for Indian Journalists and Second for ww Is Js and Camels

Thyatira = In (I + J) + e (MP + MLA)
Thyatira =  W (I + J) + e (MP + MLA)
  • Here e means EXISTING
  • AGAIN NOTE the classification, One for India, Second ww similar representatives and/or rulers

Jezebel = S Gandhi
Jezebel = Indu Ja..
Jezebel = .w.r.j
  • These are the 3 Biblical harlots. The third is sister of the first and the second is the harlot who also pays. They are in descending order of soul content of Jezebel - the accursed queen of Old Testament whose dead blood was licked by dogs and the living blood of second was contaminated by a Crow named Jayanata which name rhymes with JAINTA. The dogs are now SC Judges in India and Crows try to spi-ritualize the world from Dead Wood Tree of the TOI - ab tak nutin doin any Change in anything
  • PROPHESS: refers to recent prophecy by the first that a third front can not be made
  • Depth of Satan: On one hand she makes above prophecy On the other hand she puppets Mulayam Singh Yadav to talk of his becoming PM by support of BJP and third front with outside support from Congress
  • Has Sonia forgotten that no prophecies can be made in this age? Has Mulayam forgot that the Right is mine and any one in the way shalt be road rolled?
  • Sacrifice to idols: Infers above use of Mulayam and BJP, in fact BJP was always helping Congress by depth of Satan tricks. Bible says that Congress has souls of the Jews sent to India to Change idol worshippers but no...they try to murder the apostle of God and actually Jawahar lal promised PM ship to Atal Behari Vajpeyee who was murderer of Jesus
  • My servants: Infer In ( I + J) and e (MP + MLA). THus New Heavens say that all Indian Intellectuals, Judges, Jurists, Journalists who must not do adultery with ANY of above 3 harlots
MP + MLA = 666 India
Thyatira = d' Inde + All w 666
  • One notes that above persons are in TWO modes. If they do adultery with Jezebel they are 666 and damned OTHERWISE they even now have opportunity to repent and return, yes the TEXT clearly shows that even Sonia may return what to say of Mulayam and Kaunanidhi
  • Earlier in this text I also showed similar watershed of Indian and ww Is Js and MPs MLAs AND this is similar to Arjuna standing between two opposite forces at the start of the battle
Rev 2.19
I know the works...of d; India News

Rev 2.20
The 3 harlots and those who do adultery with them as explained above have been WARNED...warned of 2.27...shall be dashed to pieces like the potter's vessels...

Rev 2.21
Refers to my letters to Sonia and Rahul also several approaches to the other 2 harlots

Rev 2.22
Infers sickness of all 3, the first already fell in scope of this Word of Time, most important that those who are allies of UPA also those Intellecualcs Judges Jurists Journalists and Rich men who are such Bill Clintons of Adultery shall fall in GREAT TRIBULATION

Rev 2.23
Children will be killed. There are 2 meanings, One about literal children another about those who eat from bread crumbs thrown from her dining table, when I can charge my MOBILE I may ask God what he means...any one of these or both...any DONATIONS Bachi Karkaria?

Rev 2.24
Now to In(I + J) and e(MP + MLA) I say, and to the rest W(I + J) + e(MP + MLA) as many do not have the JEZEBEL Harlots doctrine and who say that they erred because they did not know depth of other burden will be put except to now having known the depth of Satan they change their ways asap

But this exemption is not available to those who subscribe in That Doctrine...probably I might add that because Mercy is open till writing these BUT no more...let such persons take the benefit of doubt LIKE I offered to help Sanjay though he was linked to Shiradi sai the demon guru Shukracharya and Satan G Gandhi bander bakriwale - J Katju is WORSE, having known depth of Satan truths he remains advocate of Devil if not now Judge. Oye idiot why intervene for Sanjaya why never for my case of Rights...I suppose you wanna be maggot for millions of years kya? JUDGES correct yourselves asap - I was about to charge Judges of High Treason and even wrote to the SC Registrar but GOD intervened and I did not open the site for public or any Thank God and bank to take U Turn before you fall down the precipice - kya?

Rest is easy
I get the Morning Star
I invite all who THIRST to follow The Star

Remember Sonia - Rev 2.22 offers last ditch opportunity for RnR even to you what to say of Mulayam Karuna and kutta muti Judges...avail of the Mercy because your doctrine leads to evil and death and Morning Star to good and life

This is clear from above explanations that CONGRESS MPs and MLAs must abandon Sonia Rahul and M M Singh and come under me - I shall offer The Mercy as per rules but I run the show not these three at all and must surrender to His Will...then Mamta, Nitish,Left and Mayawati, Mulayam, Karuna and all others may come to make Coalition with me...even BJP may split and join in...of course I shall show MODI that Gujrat progressed like Maharashtra because of history of port and not because of any model NO that Lalu had any success model for Indian Railways - but these guys count the chickens after the hen and cock do the natural work

Man Mohan Singh - young donkey of Jesus who was murdered by his own 666 father god...even if your party does not fall and you remain or even win the remain a RAT...I mean donkey...bura na mano Holi hai...

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