Saturday, 30 March 2013

4. Change is MANDATORY

Voluntary Change is safe
Forced Change by Divinity deadly
Therefore Change NOW

I liked analysis by Barkha Dutt -she says why M M Singh is stuck up there - answer is a fall, even a change to Rahulship will be more deadly than it now is - Divinity has forced the moves of Congress to their End

1. I believe that Mulayam is under political compulsion and also chased by CBI BUT can he deny that he is GREEDY and not worthy to be human at all - YET New Heaven may give him chance and also evolve up - BOW to His Mercy Mulayam

Follow me instead of lamantations - Change is Mandatory

2. BJP says same as Sonia that Third Front is not possible. Sonia did prophecy BJP quotes past - both these are IDIOTS who know nutin

The Truth is that both Congress and BJP know that they are damned SO their best hope is the status quo where Voters have no other options so the result will be by default and both parties get some here some there and Circus keep going on Parliament street

3. MULAYAM has been trapped in similar thinking by Congress - so he is worried that Congress may join Mayawati and may even uproot him right now SO he fell for Advani

ANYONE can see that a REAL THIRD FRONT may make the Big Bang Change because voters are neither interested in Modi nor in Rahul unless these are the only two alternatives

This is also EASY to see that at this time no leader can aspire to be on TOP because that way front can not at all be made which is what Sonia and BJP both want for reason stated above

I did not want to lead, I wish to evolve up and enter the plane of immense bliss BUT DIVINITY is trapping me to work and taught me Karm Yoga for this day...I am the only alternative to LEAD the Third Front, only I can offer much to all who come with me

Besides this ONLY I can SWAY the masses - Anna can not Kejariwal can not Ramdev can not...they can not aspire hopes except f alternatives I can talk plainly of bringing back the Glory of India and actually do that TOO

Time is RIPE
If two third of BJP OR Congress come under me with others - the game is set. IT is not important as to kaun banega PM now BUT who can lead the Third Front to overwhelming victory in next elections? I can do that and this TRUTH must unite all who come under me - there is no worthwhile alternative option - God of New Page plays good chess, almost like Bobby Fischer ( Akash Vani - you duffer, I taught Bobby how to pla, I can defeat even you in chess any day)

Think over this
Do not panic BUT I have all the Plan laid out - like moves of Chess, only if I had money to CHARGE my MOBILE I will be guided by God too - he is best chess player of BUY you eBOOKLET now so that more and more money comes to me, also DONATE to the bank account given...and inform me on msavarni gmail OR a2jnewj gmail

I will soon announce my next step
TILL then I say that I will give general amnesty for financial scams of past - though the money is to be returned to nation, one can keep sufficient for use but return the excess is the one can ensure this ONLY I Ambedkar would said...I have no personal axe to grind WHY I have SWORD of Kalki and many more weapons

So far Lanka is concerned...I am not a bla bla guy...I am a growl chase eat lion...Rajiv ditched Tamils of Lanka I would have taken over the rule and WOULD if any human rights are violated within my sniffing distance...being a Lion has privileges...

So Mulayam - see this way, if a STRONG Third Front comes up Mayawati can not really get any votes...her magic is gone...she may get votes only if you continue to drag and fail BUT no more if you take a strong stand OR even a stand of protesting Arjuna of first chapter of Gita...Sharh Rukh Khan hai na

No Sir G - main nahin hoon. Par aap to hain na !

Mayawati I will create situation that you lose alone and that you lose with Congress...I will create all things POSSIBLE for God...therefore Mulayam fear not but follow me...if a STRONG front is made CBI won't harm...they will drag the matter...even if they do not I will mend when I come to power...see it is all a POWER GAME now and all things will get right if POWER comes to where BELONGS by Will of Divine...therefore WAIT, resolve to follow me and invite Mayawati to share up as a fair game

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