Friday, 29 March 2013

1. ww Invitation for Thy KNGDM

Thyatira =  Thy KNGDM
Thyatira = The a-z (I + J + Ca)s

I invite the ww Intellectuals Judges Jurists Journalists and CAMELS - the rich men of Bible and Quran prophecy of camel passing through an eye of the needle - to the Original Yoga of Gita which is same as the entry in the city, healing, right to the tree of life and fountain of the water of life

By Gita I am the only One who can confer this unto the mankind subject to the laws

YOUR first step towards This Holy City is to buy an e-booklet giving you all related Truths with Scriptural Evidences, so that you gather Confidence and Faith to ignore the sophistry of the very many fake claimants and gather Faith and Confidence in the TRUTHs - because only Truths can set you FREE from the captivity of earlier era 666 executive ruler god of the Cosmos

Besides the Is Js and Camels - the  offer is also open to the MPs and MLAs of India as also similar status persons and rulers of all nations - by prophecy of Genesis 10 such righteous men are necessary for Savings of the nation - such ten have to rise for the Truths and against those who live for falsities - so you better come in more numbers

Come and those who hear say Come
To their friends

All the Best

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